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Shopping has never been easierShopping has never been easier

Pre-purchase now: Amarula

The Marula tree, as the source of several fascinating legends, has become a sacred and intricate part of ancient African culture.

Duty Free

Explore our full range duty free items, from accessories, sunglasses to travel-sized beauty products. You're sure to find everything  you need.

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Be a good girlBe a good girl

Spoil yourself

Discover our iconic Good Girl scent, a collection of daring yet sophisticated fragrances inspired by Carolina Herrera's unique vision of the duality of the modern woman.

Browse our confectionary range, including creamy HiP vegan chocolate, sustainably sourced from the finest Colombian cocoa, and combined with delicious oat milk.

Exclusive Products

Shop duty free Kenya Airways products,online and exclusive, 24/7/365 

Treat yourself to a delicious snack during the flight. Try Savoursmiths`s gluten-free potato crisps, served with their skins on to keep hold of essential nutrients.

Finishing Touches

Stay ahead of the times with our sleek watches, perfect for just about everything and everything

Discover 100% natural, feel-good skincare that brings you the very best blend of beauty innovation in both nature and science, giving you your glow from the inside out.

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